Wholesale Account Executives

Account Executives

Thank you for your interest in Click n’ Close, Inc’s Wholesale Division. We have some of the most knowledgeable Account Executives in the mortgage industry. You may contact our AEs using the resources below.

Chi. Whl.: (855)528-4572

Wholesale Home Office Contacts
National (CHI. Whl.) Sales Manager Cell Office Email
Chris Hartman (513) 505-9282 [email protected]
National TPO Business Development Cell Office Email
Ken Weislak (630) 248-3669 [email protected]
CHI. Whl. Account Executives Cell Office Email
Brett Barnett (563) 271-4087 (563) 332-2529 [email protected]
Grey Bliss (918) 230-4765 [email protected]
Polly Cracchiolo (916) 601-8738 [email protected]
Sean Drake (916) 849-7884 [email protected]
Debra Furr (815) 791-2187 [email protected]
Christine Hyde (630) 715-1166 [email protected]
Bob Paglia (954) 993-5002 (661) 998-0382 [email protected]
Nick Pantell (208) 871-0850 [email protected]
Tracey Raich (214) 532-4221 [email protected]
CLE. Whl. Account Executives Cell Office Email
Mike Maverick (440) 809-8822 [email protected]
Andrew Steed (440) 356-3242 x245 [email protected]
KC. Whl. Manager Cell Office Email
Pete Jackson (913) 221-6466 [email protected]
KC. Whl. Account Executives Cell Office Email
Adam Robb (913) 485-1961 [email protected]
Jennifer Still (913) 948-0800 [email protected]
AJ Zalud (505) 980-5600 [email protected]

Other Important Contacts

Lock Desk: Email the Lock Desk
Chicago Wholesale: (855) 528-4572