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Mid America Mortgage’s Wholesale Lending Division serves both broker and correspondent channels. To become an approved broker please submit the application to [email protected] and copy your AE.

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Why Us? Technology & The Human Element

Over the last decade, the mortgage industry and TPO lending particularly, have undergone the most extraordinary chapter of change & tumult since the inception of the 30 year mortgage. However, such times of change also usher in opportunities to glean competitive advantage by the most nimble & astute of market participants. To this end, MAM has positioned itself to restore prominence to the Wholesale Lending space through a combination of state of the art technology solutions and the “Human Element.”

While MAM has led the way amid recent regulatory changes, through cutting edge technology solutions, we also recognize the importance of the “Human Element,” in the context of Underwriting. While Automated Underwriting Systems have created efficiencies for a certain strata of consumer, widespread reliance on AUS systems has gradually eroded the lost art of human underwriting. To this end, MAM boasts a team of the most seasoned Underwriters anywhere in the industry! While our competition has increasingly sequestered its underwriters from its customer base, MAM recognizes the unique and essential role which our Underwriters play each day, in the interactive pursuit of putting more U.S. consumers into homes.

MAM is a champion of the broker business and the American homeowner! We look forward to building mutually beneficial & lasting partnerships with the most enterprising of mortgage brokers in each market throughout the country!

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  • Non Warrantable Condos
  • Foreign National Program
  • Asset Depletion


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  • Underwriting is 24/48 hours on all products

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Underwriting is 24/48 hours on all products

Main Line: (855) 528-4572
Local/Direct: (630) 796-6092
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Mid America Mortgage, Inc. holds the following licenses and approval levels:

  • FHA Direct Endorsement
  • Ginnie Mae Issuer
  • VA Automatic Approval
  • USDA Rural Development National Lender
  • Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer
  • Multi State lending license
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Mid America Mortgage, Inc.
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